I'm a VR Product Designer at Facebook working on Quill. Im also heavily involved in various VR art communities. Here are some of the attributes that drive my thinking and creative process.



Working with various office cultures, sizes, processes, and disciplines over the years has exposed me to a diverse range of thinking. I learned from mentors to cycle through various mindsets when solving problems. This keeps me open minded and scrappy.      



I generate ideas from a shuffled mix of mindsets, data points, and personal experience. The recipe may also include: zooming in / out of problem areas, constraints, considering future forecast, adjacent thinking, and tipping the scale on user needs vs. business goals.


Grids, components, patterns, and alignments are the backbone of everything I do. After free exploration I use system logic to expand ideas and collaborate with teams efficiently.


Observational research has the ability to uncover invisible problems, challenge assumptions, build empathy, and provide actionable insights. As a designer I use these insights to generate appropriate strategies and answer the “why?”


Putting ideas on paper helps me communicate complex thoughts, build consensus, and break down language barriers. Sketching is by far my most useful and effective tool.   


Continued education has helped me grow my UX and basic code skills. After hours tinkering in VR leads to completely new design and storytelling methods. Reading also plays a large role in enhancing my POV on design.


Video games are the perfect blend of innovation, artistic expression, interaction, music, design, branding, programming, systems thinking, learning, and storytelling. I find a lot of inspiration in video game development.